Timecaster by Joe Kimball P1

I’m listening to Timecaster by Joe Kimball. It’s fun, not too bogged down in slang, and interesting so far. It’s an econovel, which means that many of my conservative friends will probably want to stop reading this post here.

… Okay, now that we’ve gotten rid of *them* – the main character is a “cop” (who, due to having laws that are rarely, if ever, broken, spends most of his time in classrooms teaching kids to only do drugs recreationally) who’s married to a “social worker” (legalized prostitute.)

Now, personally, I’m all for legalizing drugs and prostitution – makes things easier to regulate and tax. But, in the story, the main character is getting jealous of his wife’s clients. I just don’t think that that would be realistic, do you? Wouldn’t a society that has become that socially liberal have taken the time to work out jealousy issues? Or have a better way to deal with them?

What do you think: If we had legalized prostitution, how do you think we’d handle practical issues like jealousy?


One thought on “Timecaster by Joe Kimball P1

  1. I imagine vast cultural change probably wouldn’t totally eliminate the propensity for jealousy. Probably would cut it down a lot, though. If, for instance, polyamory were normalized, we’d probably see possessiveness in relationships decline a bit.

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