In Session: Dr. Morgan Snow with Steve Berry’s Cotton Malone, Lee Child’s Jack Reacher & Barry Eisler’s John Rain by M. J. Rose

Rating: 3 paws

One quote from the book that I particularly cared for: “My whole life is a wrong decision. One more one way or the other there is a statistical rounding error.”

Summary of the book in one sentence: “What a sex therapist discusses with professional assassins/spies in a therapy session.”
So, I honestly had no idea what this book was to be about, and I really only got it because Audible was offering it for cheap and I enjoy the novels the different spy-characters are in. I had no previous experience with M.J. Rose’s works, and I had no idea what I was getting in to. It was an interesting experience.

First paw consists of the writing style – basically, this is the technical aspect of the book. A short story anthology is a bit difficult to judge on technical merit, at least, it is for me. The writing is just too short for a real sample. But, Rose does well in this area, even in the brief moments that we’re with her in the stories, and, while it’s not stunning writing, there aren’t any glaring, irritating mishaps that she takes, either. She earns this paw on the pure basis that I can’t *not* give it to her.

The second paw is “emotional connection” – basically, was I *interested* in what I was reading? Even in these brief forays into the different scenes, Rose *did* make me interested. I Wanted More. I think that that’s probably one of the signs of a GOOD short story – I’m left wishing these were actual novels, so I can revel in the emotional connection with the story. Rose more than earns this paw.

Third paw is plot – akin to writing style, but purely about The Story. I think my biggest complaint about this book comes with this topic. In any short story, suspension of disbelief is probably more important than ever, to Make Things Make Sense. Even so, the first story has be really questioning the ethics of this doctor and makes me highly uncomfortable. The other stories don’t have this problem *quite* as badly, but then, the other stories don’t really have much *plot.* They’re far more akin to vignettes than anything else. They also didn’t contain much *suspense,* which is what I thought they would, considering the characters involved. It was pretty much just dialogue. So, while I enjoyed the various stories and the writing, and so on, I really can’t give this paw.

The last paw is “Other Stuff,” which is pretty much anything that doesn’t go into another category but is still note-worthy. So, let me gush about the narrators. I *adore* Scott Brick’s voice and I think he really should read erotica. I’d buy that RIGHT up. And, I enjoy Dick Hill’s voice, for a totally different aesthetic value. Hearing their voices in this made it more enjoyable. So, if you’re looking for something purely on the audiophile level, I’d say go with this. The performances were great. Obviously, this is a free paw for this book.


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