Urban Shaman by C.E. Murphy


Rating: 3 paws

One quote from the book that I particularly cared for: “I’m not a goddamned faith healer! I don’t talk to God! I’m a mechanic and her goddamned engine was broken!”

Summary of the book in one sentence: Wherein “Scully” (Joanne) is forced to the realization that “there are more things on earth,” that magic is real, and that she has her own dose of power.
First paw consists of the writing style – basically, this is the technical aspect of the book. Now, I haven’t visited this book In Awhile, but from my notes while reading it, I didn’t note any glaring irritations, and that’s something that I’ve always noted down. In fact, from my notes, all I seemed to be doing was squeeing over the story, which tells me that I was quite satisfied with the writing. So, while I probably would have given this a neon glowing paw, had I been writing the review right after reading this, all I’m just giving credit for this category.

The second paw is “emotional connection” – basically, was I *interested* in what I was reading? I remember after reading this, I immediately went to Audible and bought the next three books in the series, because I enjoyed it so much. That distinctly sticks out. I loved the characters, the plot held my interest, everything in this seemed unique. I appreciated that there was a strong female character who wasn’t a complete bitch, too. So, even years later, I can say with authority that this book deserves this paw.

Third paw is plot – akin to writing style, but purely about The Story. I remember thinking that this story was really unique, and, at the time, it was, to me. It was the first time I’d read something like this, and thus, it kept me enthralled. I loved the characters, and how everyone had a distinct voice. I’ve since read many other urban fantasy novels with strong female leads, and I have to say that, while the main premise is like other books, this is still a book that’s unique in it’s field. It’s enjoyable, the characters are human but enjoyable, and the story itself is actually pretty unique. It’s not that twisty, plot-wise, but even for that, I’d still say the plot is strongly and enjoyably written. So, another paw earned.

The last paw is “Other Stuff,” which is pretty much anything that doesn’t go into another category but is still note-worthy. Again, it’s been years since I read this one, so there isn’t much that I can put here. I do note that I gave this a five-star rating on Goodreads, and I do remember instantly buying the next three books in the series after reading this. However, the thing that really sticks out at me about this book is the memory of thinking that she spent far too much time on the subject of the twins, and that was slightly grating, as it didn’t do anything to strengthen the book. So, because a negative memory is what stuck out the story, I’m not actually going to give this paw. Even if that means there’s a discrepancy between my rating here and my Goodreads stars.


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