Homo Lamia Mico

Concilium de Supernatural-res,
Subset North American division,
Subset Arcanum Archives

Greetings and salutations, my venerated Master Theodous Arenicus. I do hope that this letter finds you in good health, and that the board has approved of your profile of the Hominid Vulpes Zoanthpic (as known by our lesser brethren ignobly as the “were-fox,”) from last we spoke. The gods know that the information you could bestow on other agents in the field would be invaluable.

I must, out of necessities’ sake, make this a brief missive, so please excuse the lack of formality. Even as I take the time to pen this, our enemies grow in number, and I fear what could happen if I take out too much time for this.

As you are very well aware, in the grand tradition of my family, I have taken upon myself the task of hunting vampires. As such, I have reported to you often about the different species of vermin, as well as taken pains to point out the more dangerous and attention grabbing members who would parade as humans.

Also as you are aware, it has always been my desire to show the members of the board a specimen as dangerous as the great Dracul, and, if I may hazard on the side of ego, I think that I have finally fulfilled my wish. Let me present to you the following attributes, and I have no doubt that you will agree with my assessment of the threat:

Superhuman beauty, strength, speed, endurance, and agility
Scent and voice are enormously seductive
Venomated saliva that is highly contagious
Does not need to breathe, eat, nor sleep
Some species has been reported to have the following:
Mind control, precognition, and telepathy

While all of these taken in by them self might not be so different than other species of vampire, let me also present the frightening: unlike their other kin, they are almost impossible to kill. A wooden stake through the heart does nothing to them, and they are apparently bullet-proof. Simply tearing them apart does not kill them, either. They must be torn apart then burnt, only then can one be certain that they are destroyed. As they are nearly impervious to the destruction a human could muster against them, not to mention anytime a human gets close to them they succumb to the siren’s call of pheromones, I am certain that killing one of these will be a task neigh impossible.

The one very outstanding aspect of this vampire has also been the basis of the name I’ve given to the species, namely Homo Lamia Mico, or Sparkling Vampire, as, when under the full light of day, the skin gives off a strange reflective-ness, like cut glass.

Ah, and lest I forget to mention the final horror. This monster also is accompanied by a high pitched, undulating scream that tears into one’s cranium, apparently to slowly liquefy the brain and thus rendering any cohesive thought apart. This, no doubt, is not actually emitted from the Lamia Mico, but by the parasite it appears to collect in the form of teenage girls ranging from the ages of twelve to sixteen. These might actually be just as dangerous to a vampire hunter as the vampire itself, as these creatures can turn from almost docile to fantastically rabid in the blink of an eye.

Therefore, with all of the presented evidence, I do request that you make a motion to the Council in my absence that these Homo Lamia Mico be given the utmost priority to be exterminated.

Yours in faith and brotherhood,
Abraham Van Helsing VI


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