Marketing Myself

This past weekend, I went to a convention called MarsCon, which was held in Williamsburg, VA. If you haven’t gone to a con before, and are wanting to start going, I highly recommend this one, if you live on the East Coast. It was awesome. And, it also had a lot to offer for a wanna be author like me.

There were several instances in the various panels where they talked about marketing, and marketing strategies. Apparently, having a content filled blog is one of the best marketing strategies (other than keep writing new material) that other authors have. Which means that I’m halfway there – I already have a blog, I just need to put content in it.

So, because I was up at four this morning, I’ve had time to play WORK on my writing blog. As I had started it as just a regular blog, it contain/ed personal posts that didn’t have anything to do with writing. It STILL contains these things, but now, they’re under “private” view (that way, I can keep any back patting “likes” or comments that were originally placed by viewers like you.) I’ve also started another blog specifically for those kinds of posts and re-posted the non-writing posts to this new blog, so people who want to read non-writing things of mine can go there.

Currently, my intention is to post here three times a week – Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays – with various content – story prompts (which I call kernels, as they’re the kernels – starts/ideas – of stories,) blog posts specific to writing and chasing the author brass ring, book reviews, and first drafts of flash fiction.

So. Welcome to my writing blog. Hope you have fun with it (and maybe find it useful.)


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