Girl Power

Sometimes being a feminist (or, you know, as close to being a feminist as I can get, not being a very serious person,) one of the problems I have is that sometimes, in my writing, I have this “Oh my god! This would be a great thing to happen in my story!” idea, and I feel like I can’t write it, because if I do, all of my feminist friends are going to be like “oh my god, I can’t believe you just did that.” Sorry, guys, but sometimes you’re a bit overboard, with your Female Power position.

Take, for example, the quandary that I’m in now – In my story, I want my male protagonist to Rescue The Girl. Well, see, I know that that is a pretty typical trope to do, but, anymore, in this “enlightened” age that we’re in, having the girl get rescued is going to piss off all of the feminists.

And, when I say “all of the feminists,” I don’t mean all of them. There are a few who are, you know, rational. And, those people are going to be able to go “okay, this is a story, so I’m just going to roll with it.”

But, there are those others who (and, I know that I can be one of them, at times) are going to be all like “oh my god! You just had the protagonist rescue the girl! This is totally against Girl Power! Oh my god, you’re evil!” And, I just want to say to people “you know, this is a story, it worked this way because the main character deserves a love interest that’s going to be jiving with him, and the way she’s going to jive with him is by being rescued, instead of being her own rescuer.”

You know, I’m totally all about Girl Power. I really am. But, sometimes, I just want the guy to rescue that girl. Is that really too much to be asking for?


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