It Can’t Be Handwaved

O.k., so, I just got out of this FANTASTIC sci-fi movie called “Into Darkness,” (maybe you’ve heard of it?) which made me wish that they’d make a Star Trek movie.

Actually, I’m fairly certain that the creative conversation between The Studio and J.J. Abrams went something like this
Studio: “Abrams, you’ve obviously got directing cred. How familiar are you with Star Trek?”
Abrams: “I’ve never seen an episode.”
Studio: “Do you care if our writers are going to make Roddenberry turn in his grave?” (I realize that he was cremated.)
Abrams: “Who’s Roddenberry?”
Studio: “Perfect! You’re hired!”

Because, honestly, I’m pretty certain that no one involved with the making of the new movies cares anything at all about the lifelong fans of the series. This, to me, is offensive and a slap in the face to hardcore fans. It’s like we don’t even matter, and that our passion and dedication (ya know, that which makes us geeks?) is minimalized and insignificant, in the face of getting new blood in. Our love is meaningless, against the siren call of the cold, hard dollar.

Don’t get me wrong, I am completely and utterly aware that this is a reboot. I don’t care. And, as most people who know me know, I don’t like reboots. I especially don’t like them, if they’re of subject matter that I care about. If you have issues with this, or want to debate me about whether or not I should be allowed to bitch about this, stop reading now. Also, I’m not saying that you’re wrong for liking it. I’m saying that, as a die hard fan of Star Trek, and someone who doesn’t see the necessity behind changing what really worked, for years on end, I found several inconsistencies within the movie that shouldn’t have been there. And, I’m about to go over a few, which means ARR! HERE THERE BE SPOILERS!

INCONSISTENCY #1 – Enterprise
Holy hell, how many things are wrong with this area? The way they hid the Enterprise IN A FREAKING OCEAN. She’s not a planet capable ship. The “window” which isn’t. How they were having parts of the ship fly off, simply because of re-entering atmosphere, when that has NEVER been an issue on an “M” class planet.

INCONSISTENCY #2 – the women
Dr. Marcus BEING A WEAPON’S SPECIALIST?! The brain behind Project Genesis – someone who was passionate about life, and wasn’t even IN Starfleet – was morphed into a Starfleet WEAPON’S SPECIALIST?! Wrong. Wrongwrongwrong. And, don’t give me the hand wave of “different timeline.” Vulcan being destroyed could not have possibly made THAT drastic a history change, when the fundamentals of character persona hasn’t been altered in ANY of the characters.

Uhura having issues with Spock DOING HIS JOB?! Firstly, she is one bad ass STARFLEET OFFICER. She has NEVER evidenced problems with her fellow officers sacrificing themselves. It’s a dangerous universe, and they have a dangerous job. She would NOT have reacted in the “wife who doesn’t understand her husband-cop’s job” stereotype. My girl who can throw down with Klingons wouldn’t pull shit like that.

And, the last inconsistency that I feel like getting into…
INCONSISTENCY #3 – the Admirals
Hello, my name is Amelia Merbler, you killed off Admiral Pike. Prepare to die. Yes, I DO understand that this is an alternative universe, but do you have ANY clue what kind of powerful side character he has been in the series? And you KILLED HIM OFF?! (Yes, this IS why That Movie never happened. Data is still alive, damnit. Otherwise, Imzadi would never have happened, and that’s just wrong.)

Admiral Marcus trying to mastermind the Klingon/Federation war? I’m sorry, but no. That pretty much makes Narendra 3 (and just about everything else that happened during the war) meaningless at worst and pyrattic at best. Yes, I realize that there were corrupt officers, but I don’t see the pure Roddenberry era Starfleet admirals acting like this. This just isn’t my Star Trek.

And, honestly, I think that that’s what bothers me the most. Something that I hold near and dear to my heart has completely morphed and left me behind. People do that. Icons of childhood, like tv shows and comic books (or childhood homes or schools) shouldn’t do that. I feel like a part of my childhood has been destroyed in the name of the almighty dollar.


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